Monday, 27 August 2012

Trine wanted to let you know I have your BLUE journal and am done creating in it and it will be moving it's way to Mary this weekend along with the other two journals I have that I finished in....they are all going in seperate packages with confirmation...I just wanted you to know it got here safe and sound and I LOVED working in it. I hope you like what I have created in it and I will post pictures soon : )

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Marie's Journal page for Rhelda

This is my contribution to Rhelda's journal pages.  I was drawn to this quote "Alphabet for the Soul" that I saw in a mixed media magazine Somerset, I believe and had to incorporate it onto my journal page.  Hope you like it Rhelda.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Louise I finsihed in your Totem Animals journal and SO enjoyed working in it. I took photos and packaged up your journal to send on. My stupid camera did a belly flop and croaked, corrupting all the files I had on it...I lost the photos so am unable to post my pages in your journal :( Sorry, I did want to let you know what happened though so you would not wonder why I did not post the pics here.

My pages in Elvira's Hands of an Artist journal.....

Monday, 6 August 2012

Journal Page for Lucine's Journal - August 2012

Hi Ladies! It's been a while since I posted some journal pages. Posted Marie's journal page a few minutes ago. Created it in June 2012 and Loren should have that journal already. Now I finally finished a journal page spread for Lucine's journal. Hope you like it Lucine! Hugs, ---Mary

Marie's Journal - June 2012

My Journal Page for Marie's Nature Journal:

Marie, I did add a quote and some embellishments besides the roses and lattice. I just forgot to take the final picture of it. I hope you like it. ---Hugs, Mary

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