Saturday, 31 December 2011

Anne's Page in Trine's Journal "Blue"

This photo isn't the greatest -- my favorite camera for taking shots of art just died and close indoor things too often come out blurry with my other camera.

But I did have fun making the page! I've never built a waterfront cottage and it's only been a flitting dream -- I wouldn't want the hassle of managing two abodes! But if I were to build one, this is how messy the planning phase would be.

Beth's page in Marie's Journal "Nature"

I finished my snow scene in Marie's Journal. I decided to do a snow scene because it is winter in Pennsylvania. It is Christmas time and New Year's. I love the quiet beauty when it snows.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Louise's Journal..artist e x

My completed page in Louise's '' Animal Totems''
It is now on it's way to Trine
love e x

Rachel's journal.....Artist e x

Here is my page completed in Rachel's ''Purple Owl Tree''
it is now on it's way to Trine
love e x

Artist e x

Elvira aka e x
I am glad to be part of 15+1 Journal RR my journal has already started it’s journey and I know it will be loved a lot. I really look forward to the continued bond we have and shared love of art…
A little bit about me….
I am a 40 year old married mum of two teenage boys. I work as a teacher aide with students with additional needs. I love it, my job is part of who I am
my art balances out the stress life brings.
 I have always loved art and used to cut up Dolly magazines and stick the words and pictures all over my school books well as many other things many years ago, I also drew in the margin of any and every book I read even those from the library!
I am a very simple person, with simple needs who likes to try my hand at anything art and crafty, sewing, drawing, painting.
I love cats and my iPhone camera
e x

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Crimbo!!

A quick message before bed to all the 15+1er's,

Don't work too hard tomorrow, enjoy the day!!
Here's to a productive, fun and hassle free 2012!!

Louise's work in Deedee's Journal ~ "Nature, Dreams and Visions"

I have had the pleasure this week of working in this beautiful travelling art journal. It was hand made and the above art work was done by Deedee Forrester from California.
Her theme is Nature , Dreams and Visions.

Inside her journal there are some very beautiful entries and these lovely words from Deedee~
"Our journals are on a daring flight around the world. Letting go of something we love, something we have started, giving back to each other is as life should be ."

It has been such a pleasure to give my work to Deedee and share my nature, dreams and visions in her lovely journal. I have long admired Deedee's work so was thrilled when she joined up into this swap with me.

Deedee has generously added extra pages into her journal and invited everyone to do more than one if they would like to, so I took her up on her offer and did 2 pages.

The one above I did using stencils and sprays, markers and stamps.
I took this journal down to the local skate park with my boys the other day, and it certainly made those few hours a whole lot more pleasant. 

This page was inspired by one of my favorite lessons I did in a wonderful art journaling course 30 Days with Gulfsprite   taught by the  very talented artist and gifted teacher Christy Sobolewski .

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Artist: Marie Austen

I joined this Round Robin as an opportunity to share artwork with other women/artists who are passionate about creating art as I am and to explore different themes; to see what inspires us. I am inspired by the beauty in nature, especially flowers and trees (birches!! - LOL). So the theme of my journal is: The Beauty of Nature. This is my first time blogging so please forgive me Ladies if my pics are too big etc. I am loving this process and look forward to receiving my journal one day with your gifts inside!!


Our own badge...

Hiya ladies,
I've had a little time to play today, my head is filled with cold and light is making my head spin so couldn't spend as long as I wanted on the pc, BUT- I think I've cracked it!!
On the right is a badge, if you highlight the text in the little box, and copy then go to your own blog design page...
Find either the widgets or gadgets box and add one. In blogger choose the html gadget and simply paste the text into that box. It should work, both to link directly back to 15-15-15, and allow others to copy the code...
any problems let me know, although I am laying low for a few
I 've just found that on your blog it will only show the image- which is much nicer!! Yay!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Our new Facebook page...

Linking to Facebook

I've now linked up to Facebook, as I've not done this before I don't know if I've done it the best way or not, but we'll see.
15 +1 link
BUT, the simplest way to get our work up there is to hit the tiny F button in the block of buttons at the bottom of  each and every post, so do that when you add a new post and the FB page will mirror posts here.

Also there is a new Link to  facebook button on the right of the page, click on that to get there.

I'm still working on getting so you can all post as well as's changed since I did it several years back...

There should also be little LIKE buttons appearing at the bottom of each post...from now on, I hope.

If anyone knows a bit more about this kind of linking and can offer advice/expertise, please let me know!! Not really my strongpoint, I just get by!
 See you all there!!

They have arrived safely

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My art pages for Shari's Journal

I created circus-themed pages for "Sanity by a Thread".

The girl on the trapeze can swing. I had fun creating this spread!

Theme: Fairy Tales art journal by Mary M

Just posting the pictures of my original journal once lost but has been found...

Monday, 19 December 2011

"White Crysanthemums" in Sadie's Journal "Haiku"

I love the simplicity of Haiku. Asian art and design are beautiful. Several months ago my husband gave me a very small, well worn treasure of a book on Haiku.  He said he thought I would be able to use it in my art. The book had belonged to my sister's husband, who had died tragically 2 years ago in a surfing accident. He was a wonderful, smart and funny man.
So, to start my art journal journey with Sadie's journal on Haiku, was joyous. Here is my interpretation.

Icon tutorial

Hi all, 
I've just added a tutorial for adding a little icon on your blog (see our little "15" in the browser?)

Also, congrats to those of you who are new to posting and have pics up now!! I've also added a little bit in the creating a post section about adding tags (labels) so your post gets found in search engines... very easy, very important!


Louise's work in Rachels "Purple Owl Tree"

I have finished my work in Rachel's cute little journal and I loved her theme- Purple Owl Tree.

I chose to do 2 pages.
  For the one above I used mainly my favourite pen of all time a uni pin fine line in various sizes
 and a little bit of caran d'ache neocolor 11

It this page my fabulous little boy Mr8 played with me and we used Derwent  Inktense pencils, some gesso  and Mr8's fun contribution of some little brads to be the owls.

Deedee's journal- Nature Dreams and Visions

Here are my contributions to Deedee's beautiful journal. She said we could do extra, so I did. :o) I had a ball!! Sorry the close up of the fish page came out so dark!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sadie's 2-page spread in Marie's Journal "Nature"

Sadie's 2-page spread in Anne's Journal "Light Through the Cracks"

Sadie's 2-page spread in Kalona's Journal "Journeys"

Artist: Sadie DeSimone

I'm a new artist starting at the tender age of 72. My theme for the 15AJM RR is "Haiku". It is the simplest form of poetic art, concise, sometimes humorous, often profound, always to the point.

I'm still learning, much yet to learn, and very willing to do so, making many boo-boos along the way. I have always, always, always admired everything creative. I am deeply in awe of the talent of those who break out of the ordinary and express themselves from their inner core. That is what I seek to accomplish. I have not found "my voice" in visual art --- yet. But I have another 25-30 years to practice, so there's hope -- and time! Let the journey continue!!! Peace, xoxo

Hooray, 15 shows up...

Silly post, but I've just noticed that our little "15" icon shows up in the browser bar now, and if you've favourited the address it should show up on your bookmark list too. I love it when everything comes together.. there's far too many plain orange "b"s floating about... much nicer to coordinate.
oh well, night night, sleep tight!!


Hello, again :-) I´m writing you from Denmark, where I am living at the moment. My theme for my Journal is: Blue is the colour of... The idea came about after reading a lovely poem, about the Dragonfly, which seems to follow me about lately! So please, have fun, enjoy the journey, hope the worst bumps are over, and can´t wait to get my journal home, to enjoy all of the wonderful talented work, thank you. xxx trine

15, +1,

Well, after all that commotion one of our previous artists has decided to return to the fold, please welcome back Rhelda!!!
We will have to do some special jiggling ( flashing images of 15 women wiggling wildly.... wrong!)  so that we can get Rhelda up to date and included, although I don't think too many journals have passed her by? I 'll know once we set up the progress chart.
So our 15 is now officially 15+1, yay!!
(I'm finding it slightly ironic that the 17th "artist" missing is the one who started it all off- how quirky is life?)

Hi, I am Lucine from Arnhem, The Netherlands. My art journal theme is Smile, do not fear. I like to share and enjoy my creativity with others. On the way having fun, learning a lot and hoping to make new friends. 

Sadie Checking in on Day One of 15-15-15

Hello everyone! I want to thank Kalona for setting up this wonderful site for the Final Fifteen Artists. This is going to be a fabulous journey from now on! Right ladies???? I'm new at this and I'm not sure I'm posting in the right place. I'll add my Artist Statement and Introduction later. xoxo, Sadie

Saturday, 17 December 2011


Hi I am Quaker_Anne, Ontario Canada. The journal theme is "Light through the cracks". This is inspired by this quote by Leonard Cohen, "Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything, that's how the light get's in". I hope to get glimpses of sixteen other artist's experience of light getting into their lives through various cracks.


Hi I am Mary M from Florida, USA. The journal theme is Fairy Tales, and I hope to have a lot of fun, making new friends and learning new ideas to incorporate into my art journals.

ARTIST: Shari, aka RTIST

Hi, I am shari aka Rtist, from Ohio USA. The theme of my journal is the deepest depths of my soul... I want to go to those less comfortable places of a person's being, those places we sometimes try to avoid where we have hang ups, fears, our deep dreams and wishes. I hope we can dig into ourselves and pull to the lights and transfer to paper these feelings and illusive "things" we sometimes try to push away. I hope to get some of the etheral pieces of ourselves tangibly put to paper where we can look and say... YES that is what was there! I look forward to this swap and sharing with all the wonderful fellow artists who will be participating.

Wow is all I can say!!

Well, I am amazed,
A small revelation, a world of determination and suddenly it all starts to come together!!! We have pics we've not seen, posts from other 15'ers, and everyone seems to be full of renewed excitement and grit!
Hats off to you all- get your pics posted and show off your work!! There's no excuse now!
Proud to be arting it up with all of you...tear, drip, sniff!

Just a hello

Just saying hello and touching in. Will post pics of the book I am working in when I am finished, sorry I didn't post before but couldn't figure it out and then forgot to take pics of the layout I did in Beth's....sorry : P

Long posts

I could not enter the blog before. Just happy to say: now I can! That is why I added three posts; for each of the two journals I worked in. Also a post on my art journal. Happy, happy, happily waiting for the next journal.

Sneek peek in Lucine's art journal

Here a peek in my art journal. So much happened and I don't know what to say exactly... I am so proud of this group. Thank you ladies for the support to each other. Now here a few pics.

From the front cover to the last page (inside cover). I love make pictures, so ladies, this are quite a few photo's. I hope you will enjoy them.

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