Saturday, 20 July 2013

Lucine for Loren: Halloween in Wonderland

Three art journals I will mail to the United Kingdom today. I finished the last art journal I had. It's Loren's with Halloween in Wonderland as theme. There are very nice pages in this journal. Here I share with the page I created for Loren. I wonder how I could mix Halloween with Alice in Wonderland. I assumed Halloween in Wonderland must be a mix of Halloween and Alice in Wonderland. Love this theme as it is another challenge to be creative in a very broad way. Vivid colours can be used on both themes, but one can choose to do Alice in Wonderland in a vintage look. Loren's art journal has black pages, so I used a lot of white in addition to collages. I hope Loren enjoys this page.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Haiku: Lucine for Sadie

Great things about a Round Robin is that someone's art journal passes you. You challenge the theme of your partner and share your page with others. I received Sadie's art journal a couple of weeks ago. The theme of Sadie's art journal is Haiku. So I will create an art journal page for Sadie in her Haiku art journal. Yes, I had to look up what Haiku was. Once heard of it, but I could not remember what it was. It is an interesting poetry style. I came up with several Haiku's and I share my best Haiku's with Sadie in her art journal.

These simple words
life hope trust
where to find

We and trust
it will be found
in our nature

We and hope
it will be given
me to you

We and life
it is given
take and share

Mi Mariposas bonitas
mi te quiero
en mi corazon

Mi Mariposas bonitas
voy a ahorrar
ahora y siempre

Mi Mariposas bonitas
mis hijas bonitas
vivir reir amor

Translation in English:
My beautiful butterflies
I love you
in my heart

My beautiful butterflies
I will carry you
now and always

My beautiful butterflies
my beautiful daughters
live laugh love

Sending love to all of you♥

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