Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Beth's page in Kal's journal "Journey"

Throughout our lives we take many journeys. Some journeys are exciting and wonderful. Then, there are the journeys that are sad and heart breaking.

I went to Catholic schools for 12 years. In those years we were taught about angels.  As I have gotten older, my mind has returned to thinking about angels and how they are with us on our journeys. That is why I dedicated my page to the angels who guide us on our wonderful and heart breaking journeys.

In school, I learnt a prayer dedicated to Guardian Angels. I remember it to this day. The day after I decided to do the page on my Guardian angel and to use the prayer I received a letter in the mail with that same prayer and a coin with an angel on it.  Was that a coincidence or an answer?

 I placed the coin on my page. The background was made from ripped maps. I tried to use a piece of map of all the different places in the world that we ,15 artists, live.


  1. I remember that prayer from Catholic school days too! Love the whole feel of the spread and that you included the coin.

  2. Well, well, I am so touched! Touched by your words; you sure could be a journalist☺ I also visited Catholic schools and who will tell us if it is a coincidence or an answer? I wish angels could whisper louder .... and that we, people would listen better ...., because I know they whisper, but that we should listen better/sharpen our ears!

    Love your journal page too, Beth!! The coin, the pieces of map of the places we all live .... AWESOME IDEA!!! Love your background and your doll. LOOOOVEEE ....

  3. Ah Beth, this is stunning, and so heartfelt!
    I am not religious in the slightest, but I do believe in forces, spirit,karma etc, call it what you will... and I like to believe in a possibility of angels/spirits and communication across the waves...although my sceptical side still poopoo's such things, lol! Will I ever learn?...
    Beautiful idea of the maps... it links us altogether firmly!

  4. Beth your page is so deep in meaning and beauty- so lovely


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