Thursday, 7 June 2012

I finished my page in Trine's journal "Blue is the Color".  Blue reminds me of peace, serenity and calmness. That is why I decided to draw a Mandala. It has been said that drawing a Mandala allows you to use your creative brain which can lead you to a meditative state where you can perform constructive healing, and gain incredible insight into yourself and your life.
Here is my contribution. Sorry, the colors were off in my camera, so I had to use my scanner and do the spread in 2 segments.


  1. Wow, Beth, this is amazing!! I do the odd mandala but never without a on earth do you get it so even freehand??
    The whole spread must look wonderful together.xx

  2. Thanks, Kal. I did use a compass.

  3. Beautiful page Beth. So lovely and meditative.
    I have your journal here now Beth and its very beautiful.

  4. Beautiful pages, Beth!! Nice doodles and such an appropriate quote, love it☺


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