Friday, 27 July 2012

I just wanted to let the folks whose journals I have, and will be working on to get them onto the next, who they are so they are not wondering or worried where their beautiful journals are....
I will be sending Kal's on tomorrow as mentioned,
   I will be working on the following journals and will be sending them out as soon as finished with each....
Elvira's.....Louise's....and Deedee's.  Beth had a trip planned and wanted to be sure they all got to me asap so as not to hold anything I will do my best to get them worked in and sent out as soon as I can. Just wanted to let you all know : )
Shari "Rtist"


  1. Thanks Shari,

    Its great to know where they are - have fun. xxx

  2. Thanks for letting all know.


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