Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Blue is the Color... and "Hands of an Artist"

Hi Ladies, here is the journal page spread I created for Trine's lovely blue journal. Hope you like it Trine! Blue is my very favorite color!

The next journal page spread is for Elvira's "Hands of an artist" journal. Hope you like my creation Elvira!


  1. They are both beautiful pages! I'm sure they'll be loved... I hope Elvira gets in touch once her journal gets back to her... such a shame!

  2. I started pen palling last year just from the interesting stories have read through the website and honestly speaking am learning so much from the whole thing. I just heard about journal in fact I entered a swap in swap bot for it but aint sure if I did the right thing hope yes lol. Anyway would you mind telling me more about the journal swap please.

    This is Helwa from Africa #Kenya a fun of swap bot


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