Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sadie's Pages in Beth's Journal, "Bygone Era" page 1

Ok, I admit it. I can't do these posts right -- EVER! For some reason I could only get the second page of Beth's journal to display. So now here's page 1 -- I hope. Enjoy Beth. We'll get through this yet! xoxo, Sadie

Nope, it didn't load again. Beth, maybe you can post it for me? If I sit here all day it won't get to the PO before it closes!!!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!!!

I'm sure now that the image is too large, but have no idea how to resize it. So if someone could walk me through the steps I'll run this thing to the PO then come back and resize and hopefully post to this site. Whew! xoxo - Sadie

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