Thursday, 16 February 2012

Kalona's spread in Louise's journal

Well, I finally dared to put paint to paper... Trouble with knowing what you want to end up with is that it is almost guaranteed to not happen! For me anyway...  but you've gotta do it!!

So without further ado here it is,

My totem is a cat...I am sure my girls return and visit me constantly, and Zazel always had a special way of knowing when I was down and snuggle more than usual.
Hope you like it


  1. WOW! can't wait to see this in the actual journal.
    Love the landscape and the printing!

  2. Thanks Anne! The journal's all good!
    Printing? that's on the flip section..the paw prints are no, I didn't dip my kitty in white paint...they're drawn xx

  3. Wowww, such a lovely page, Kalona. Love the paws and the lettering looks like stiches(?) Very nice landscape!


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