Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Two spreads for Deedee.

 I have finished my spread in Deedee´s beautiful little journal. I was just on my way to my daughter in Scotland, so I guess the city, nature and waiting for spring is what´s in my picture.
Deedee invites friends and family to join in, and do a spread. Well, as I was taking her journal on vacation, I asked my Daughter to contribute, and she was delighted to do so. Its back in Denmark now, and ready to send on. xxx Trine


  1. Two lovely spreads!! Is that a lot of spraying and stencils? Love the abstract style... nicely done Trine.xx

  2. So nice of your daughter to play along. Lovely pages!

    1. I see your daughter has the artistic talent like her mom. Great work.

  3. Both beautiful pages and how lovely that you both contributed.


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