Friday, 23 March 2012

One more month without a journal, almost gone....

Hello Girls. Spring is here. Denmark is finally turning green, the spring flowers are popping their heads up from the cold soil, and man and beast are getting ready for yet another season.
I am getting ready for another journal, as a matter of fact, I have been ready for a long time.....
A whole month without one....., and then I think, where is my own journal as I write...? Having a nice time I bet, seeing the world, peeping around all the houses, studios and coffee tables on far away continents.
Please, -Kalona is doing such a HUGE job, for all of us, trying to keep track of us, and the journals. Write a few words, a small update, keep us all calm!!
And Rhelda, You havnt been curdious, or respectfull enough to answer my e-mail, not good. Karma´s gonna bite you! - For the sake of everybodyelse Rheldaa, please just send the journals on, and we shall quietly by pass you. Not hard, and end of story!
On that cheerie note, happy spring, and a great weekend to you all- love Trine x


  1. Trine, Happy Spring! I sent a letter via snail mail to Rhelda before I left for vacation a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, No response.

  2. hiya Trine.....I have nothing to send....xo

  3. Happy Spring to you! The aroma of the blossoms are overwhelming and puts me in a dreamy state.

  4. Spring is also here in the UK too! Some nice days, but cold mornings, flowers peeking through...
    But yes, our journals seem to be buried still. Rhelda will not communicate, whether that's due to moving,illness,forgetfulness- I really don't know, but it's utterly unacceptable and outright deceiptful- a small email would allay so many fears, upset...
    Have posted my thoughts on Milli's... and have just updated chart here...
    hopefully with the eather improving so will our spirits and ability to keep in touch and forward journals successfully.


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