Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hello, it's Deedee and I'm finally aboard!

A few pictures to share with all of you. First is Liz Monaghan's wonderfully beautiful journal cover. OMG the whole journal, the entry page, the sign in pages, the front and back covers are just unbelievable! This picture does not do it justice. There are actual beads in the stitching all around the cover!

My contribution

I just received Loren Cranes journal from Liz and will begin this week. Pictures to follow...


  1. Good you see you made it!! What a beautiful entry in Liz's journal, which hopefully will appear soon.

  2. Oh my Deedee...I love it! It's just fabulous! I'm so lucky! ;-)

  3. Wow.... to cover and page! So, so beautiful☺

  4. Deedee your page is so lovely and Liz your journal is stunning.

  5. Another journal lost in route. Hopefully this one, too, will show up and continue its journey. Liz, I will try to duplicate this one for you. I personally love it and the saying.


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