Saturday, 21 January 2012

Mary's Fairy Tales Journal

Two months in a row I've worked in journals with a fairy tale theme...quite a stretch for me who is a tomboy at heart.  Me and my brother's GI Joe action figures were good pals (as were climbing trees!) when I was little...and so, fairy tales just gathered dust in my house.  Either way, I had fun working in Mary's journal this month and decided to do a spread on Rapunzel.  But of course, I had to add a bit of humour to the spread with a poem I found online that I thought was hysterical and fitting for my spread.  Since you can't read the small font, here it is for your reading pleasure.   

"Rapunzel! Rapunzel! You've cut off your hair!
Your billowing tresses are no longer there.
That mohawk you're sporting is spiky and pink.
I'm really not certain just what I should think.

"I came here expecting to clamber a braid,
ascending your tower to come to your aid.
Instead I have suffered the greatest of shocks
to find that you've cut off your lovely blonde locks."

"Prince Charming, Prince Charming," Rapunzel replied,
"I have no intention of being your bride.
We will not get married.  We will not elope.
I've cut off my hair and I've braided a rope.

"You came here to visit me once every day,
and promised that soon you would take me away,
but you were too clueless to even conceive
of cutting my hair off so we could just leave.

"I cannot believe you were such a big dope.
I come and I go as I please with my rope.
And so, I'm afraid I can't give you my hand.
In spite of the fabulous wedding you planned."

From then on Rapunzel was known through the land.
She toured the world in a rock and roll band.
And silly Prince Charming, with rocks in his head,
rode off and got married to Snow White instead.
--Kenn Nesbitt

 Inside the bush flap:

This journal will be mailed off to Deedee on Monday so she can work her magic! 


  1. Love it, both the poem and the neat bush flap!

  2. Hahaha, love it! Cute hair☺

  3. Great poem-love the humour! Lovely spreads too, love the flip out idea, it really works.xx

  4. LOL what a great entry, it all works so well.


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