Tuesday, 3 January 2012

rachel´s Owls and Louise´s Totem is ready to fly of the shores of Denmark

 Surprise.....Rachel your journal is taped up, and ready to fly on :)
Louise, my Eagle Totem is on its way south :)


  1. Lovely pages!! Love the cute owls and the tough Eagle.

  2. Great spreads!! Love the owls, good choice of cuteness and colours! The eagle is great too- love the simplicity of him- I envy people who can paint/shade so loosely. The text looks gorgeous too- love the sweeps and rolls, just like an eagle on the wing...

  3. Trine, Owls are so cute and the Bald Eagle is wonderful.

  4. Great pages Trine!!! Love both of them! Hugs, Mary M.


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