Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Artist: Marie Austen

I joined this Round Robin as an opportunity to share artwork with other women/artists who are passionate about creating art as I am and to explore different themes; to see what inspires us. I am inspired by the beauty in nature, especially flowers and trees (birches!! - LOL). So the theme of my journal is: The Beauty of Nature. This is my first time blogging so please forgive me Ladies if my pics are too big etc. I am loving this process and look forward to receiving my journal one day with your gifts inside!!



  1. Absolutely!! gorgeous! I hope you don't mind I made the pics bigger so we can see how lovely they are...xx

  2. Liz, Kalona, thank you! Kalona, are you kidding? I appreciate all that you are doing for us. The pics also came out in the wrong order & I couldn't figure out how to label each pic. This blogging is all new to me... it's a start anyways!

  3. Hi Marie, thankyou- it' sjust I don't want to stomp on someone's toes- some people take offence if someone comes along and rearrange their work..
    For tips in posting, and labeling pics check out the "creating a post" section in the "hints and tips" tab. It can be finnicky to rearrange pics, a blogger issue, but labelling is straightforward.
    If you have a go, but aren't happy with the results, just give me a shout!. A bit of practice, you'll be flying!

  4. Oh- forgot to say...think backwards when adding! whatever you add will go down the page as things are added, unless you doublecheck that the little flashy curser is at the line underneath where you'll get there!

  5. Marie this is so beautiful and I adore your theme <3
    Also well done for getting on and blogging your journal, I am so glad you did so we can all have a look.


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