Saturday, 17 December 2011

Artist: Anne Trudell -- Spread: Smile

I've got this done earlier than I thought I would! I just had to express some sunshine in my life after a few days of coping with my husband's grief (and lending some practical help) over the deaths of his mother and a favorite brother.

"Smile -- do not fear" got me started on some darkish things, but then I thought: what is there to smile about? I got the image of an infinity sign with hearts and flowers spilling out it: life is an infinity of beauty and love! So, in broad strokes and bright colours:

I had fun cutting out all sorts of sizes of hearts and then decorating them. I've had the parrot sticker for a while and its primary colours just fit!

I'll send this journal on to Marie after Christmas.


  1. Beautiful Anne, and so needed at the moment, I think!!

  2. love this page Anne- it is a message we all need to hear and to feel.


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