Saturday, 17 December 2011

Lucine's work in Elvira's journal

I love your first pages, Elvira. For a moment I did not know how to start. This is what I end up with. I guess most of the art journals will have a dollie, but I am working on more or other mojo. Of course, ladies I hope you like the art journaling I do in your wonderful journals:-)


  1. I have seen this one in the flesh! The photo doesn't do it justice...and Anne will have it soon!! xx

  2. Lucine I love your background technique here, such smoth transitions between colour and pattern- did you use sprays?
    Your colours and copmosition are so fresh and fun- just lovely

  3. I use distress inks and did some overlapping. Thank you for the nice comments. It feels good to read that:)

  4. Sorry Lucine, but isn't this Elvira's? Mine went off to Sadie and Anne. I can edit post, don't worry!!


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