Saturday, 17 December 2011

Finally.... Lucine's pages in Trine's art journal

After a drama I am finally able to post about my art journal on this blog. So I could not post the beautiful pages of the journals I have worked in.

The first journal I received was Trine's and here the pics of the pages. It was a pleasure Trine. I like the colours in your journal.

The first pages has gesso and acrylic layers. The second pages has tissue layered and then acrylics added. Thank you for letting me play in your art journal, Trine.


  1. These 2 are gorgeous. The tissue is a really novel technique, you've made it look like plastic!!
    Love all the stamping as well, gives great depth.Quite a funky style you have...xx

  2. very sweet Lucine- I am loving your layers and quirky girls <3

  3. Thank you, Kalona & Louise☺


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