Saturday, 17 December 2011

Artist:Anne Trudell -- Spread: Journey

The theme of Kalona's journal is "journeys: physical and spiritual". She hopes we'll show some interplay of those aspects.

When I saw the image of the kayaker a few weeks ago, I knew I wanted to use it! Then what else? Once I had the journal in hand and sat down to work on it, I found the dripping leaf image (it was from the same magazine as the kayak image) and while waiting for the gluing of the images to dry, the words about journeys came to me. The other words came as I worked finishing touches.


  1. Lovely Anne, a beautiful addition to my journal. It's going to be lovely getting it back..xx

  2. Gorgeous work Anne, it is a page that really does inspire journeying

  3. I love the way you eye travels around the picture and through the tunnel.


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