Saturday, 17 December 2011

Artist: Mary Montedonico

Hi Ladies! I just wanted to post some pictures of what I have been working on in my journal of Fairy Tales. I used 140lb watercolor papers for the pages and for the cover, I used a cardboard postal envelope which is pretty flexible to work with. I have created 4 spreads in my art journal including a sign in page in the back. I will be mailing my journal out on Monday. I am looking forward to seeing all the other journals as we go along on our journey for the next 17 months. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

These are the main pages of the art journal. There are plenty of pages for all of you. As you can see, I worked with Red Riding Hood and Beauty and the Beast. If you want to create pages with those fairy tales please feel free to use their tales or even make up your own fairy tale. I am pretty flexible with what you all create just please no "off-color" words. Thank you so much! I did my blog spot much better here than on my own Creative Endeavors blog. Go figure! Lol! Hope you are having a very creative day!


  1. Oh Mary, this is so romantic and scrumptious!! Can't wait to put something in it- no clues though!!

  2. Beautiful journal that has already got lost in the forest and found again <3

  3. So glad this creative, fantasy journal is back with us.


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