Saturday, 17 December 2011


My little journal is ready for its journey.

It has a canvas cover,
and I had to make my own feathers as customs rules in Australia are very strict about feathers and leaves and seeds etc.

My theme is
and I am really excited about my journal
taking this journey around the world
gathering wisdom
beautiful art works
from my fellow artists.

This is a little welcome booklet
with some lovely elephants
I have had for a while and I have
been looking for a good place to use them.

A wise owl for my title page.

Stacey has asked us to also do our first double page spread
and I chose to do Platypus as my totem animal.

The platypus is a unique Australian animal.
They are monotremes.
Mammals that lay eggs
instead of live birthing their young,
and they produce milk to feed their young.
Platypus are only found on the east coast
of Australia so are a very local totem to where I live.

They are very interesting and secretive creatures
Here is my journal,
all ready to travel the world,
I wish I could tuck myself between its pages
and go along as well.


  1. I loooove this journal, and such a wonderful theme- not telling you what my totem is, you'll have to wait and see!!xx

  2. Thank you so much Kalona for saving all of this <3


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