Monday, 19 December 2011

Icon tutorial

Hi all, 
I've just added a tutorial for adding a little icon on your blog (see our little "15" in the browser?)

Also, congrats to those of you who are new to posting and have pics up now!! I've also added a little bit in the creating a post section about adding tags (labels) so your post gets found in search engines... very easy, very important!



  1. Thanks Kal, you are so on to it here and it is beautiful to see this amazing group of ladies pulling together once again.

  2. Are you running windows 7 Kal? That was the only option I saw with the Icon Editor.
    - big bunches of roses to you.

  3. Thanks Louise, and yes- it's win 7- never gave it a thought, my lappy with vista got stolen and the newer model had win7. Does the icon editor not work? There are many more online- search "free icon editor" or similar..xx
    As for roses- here's a novel thing...Kalona is Hawaiian for Sharon, and Sharon means Rose, and hibiscus in Hawaii are called rose of Sharon. So cool! I don't spend hours on google, honest- not got the time!!

  4. Yay thank you Kalona (Rose ) I ended up with greenfish icon editor pro- it was free. Now I just need to wait till it appers :)

  5. Woohoo I did it and it has come through <3 thanks so much Kal


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