Sunday, 18 December 2011

15, +1,

Well, after all that commotion one of our previous artists has decided to return to the fold, please welcome back Rhelda!!!
We will have to do some special jiggling ( flashing images of 15 women wiggling wildly.... wrong!)  so that we can get Rhelda up to date and included, although I don't think too many journals have passed her by? I 'll know once we set up the progress chart.
So our 15 is now officially 15+1, yay!!
(I'm finding it slightly ironic that the 17th "artist" missing is the one who started it all off- how quirky is life?)


  1. I sigh with relief that WE are in a much better place now. Welcome back Rhelda! The path has been cleared for some creative fun!

  2. We've held hands (virtually) through this and are now stronger than ever! Welcome back, Rhelda!

  3. Sadie, Shari and I have figured a way to get Rhelda caught up and back on track. Believe it or not, she has missed 3 journals>


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