Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Our new Facebook page...

Linking to Facebook

I've now linked up to Facebook, as I've not done this before I don't know if I've done it the best way or not, but we'll see.
15 +1 link
BUT, the simplest way to get our work up there is to hit the tiny F button in the block of buttons at the bottom of  each and every post, so do that when you add a new post and the FB page will mirror posts here.

Also there is a new Link to  facebook button on the right of the page, click on that to get there.

I'm still working on getting so you can all post as well as comment..it's changed since I did it several years back...

There should also be little LIKE buttons appearing at the bottom of each post...from now on, I hope.

If anyone knows a bit more about this kind of linking and can offer advice/expertise, please let me know!! Not really my strongpoint, I just get by!
 See you all there!!

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