Saturday, 17 December 2011

Artist: Kalona Simmons

I have taken part in a couple of  Journal projects around the UK, and was really looking forward to taking part in an international swap. This is also the first one that will round robin back to the original creator, and I love that idea, a gathering of 17 artist's work in each journal to treasure afterwards. How special is that!
I loved travelling (pre-kids) and felt that as the journal will be doing just that journeying would be an appropriate theme. As many of us are also embarking on personal or spiritual journeys it seemed nice to combine the does physical journeying affect our spiritual dallying? Where do we go to find ourselves? What places bring out the best in us and help us grow?
We each create our own journal, and I went for an experimental covers which can be found in my tutorial using perspex, inks and embossing powders. It's so light, just as well considering the miles it will travel...

"Journey" front cover

Back cover
Expandable signatures

Front page, mixed media symbols, ink,stamps
My spread....mixed media journey


  1. Love your vision and your post Kal and your journal is just beautiful.

  2. The textures are wondrous. I can't wait to actually feel it in my hands.


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