Saturday, 17 December 2011

Artist: Liz Monaghan

Music, art & family/friends make my like complete.  Oh yes, and new and different food too!  So, when I thought about what theme I would base my journal on, the only logical theme that came to mind is "Lyrics".

I not only love melody, but lyrics just as much. The stories that unfold...the good, the bad and the ugly seem to take me to a place right beside the singer.  I am especially fond of Rhythm and Blues music...back in my younger years, it was referred to as "soul" music.  So fitting as it really does move my soul.

Here is the journal I created.  The cover is so many different mediums but mostly paint, stamps and collage.  The big green button is from a stash of antique buttons (quite a large stash I might add!) that my Nonie (grandmother) gave me when I was just a little girl.  The spread I created entitled Maver is from the Stone Temple Pilots.  No, they are not a "soul" group, but this song had me visualising Maver down to the wrinkles on her face. 

I hope you enjoy working in my journal as much as I loved creating it. 

Front Cover

Front Cover

Welcome Artist Page

 Introduction to the Theme "Lyrics"


Sign In/Sign Out

Please Return To.  This & That Envelope.

Back Cover


  1. My word! Stunning!!!! Where is this now? How long till I get my hands on it? Love,love,love.xx

  2. Thanks Kalona! I think Deedee might still have it. In all fairness, I was late sending it to her. Thanks again!! ;-)

  3. Wow, Liz. Such lovely colours!! I may ask the ladies to just mail the journal to me, hehehe. Good job, loveeee

  4. Liz your journal is sensational! and as a fellow music and lyric lover narrowing down my choice will be the hardest part for my work in your journal.

  5. Thanks ladies! I would love to fib and tell you that I enjoyed every minute of its creation...but I struggled a lot. I have been in a creative rut for a while so at times creating this was hard. I'm happy with the results and glad I was able to push thru. Thanks again for taking the time to comment...much appreciated!

  6. Your beautiful journal is the next one I will be working on Liz. What a great thing this little blog is for communicating and keeping track of things here. I will have to start considering lyrics and art in preparation.

  7. Liz I am so sorry to find out just today that your beautiful journal is lost. My heart is crying for you. It is such a beautiful and heart felt creation I want us all to focus on it and call it back into our swap.
    I will b doing just that and am planning my page now. xxxx


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