Sunday, 18 December 2011

Artist: Sadie DeSimone

I'm a new artist starting at the tender age of 72. My theme for the 15AJM RR is "Haiku". It is the simplest form of poetic art, concise, sometimes humorous, often profound, always to the point.

I'm still learning, much yet to learn, and very willing to do so, making many boo-boos along the way. I have always, always, always admired everything creative. I am deeply in awe of the talent of those who break out of the ordinary and express themselves from their inner core. That is what I seek to accomplish. I have not found "my voice" in visual art --- yet. But I have another 25-30 years to practice, so there's hope -- and time! Let the journey continue!!! Peace, xoxo


  1. So lovely to get to know you a little better Sadie. Well done on all of your new endeavors.

  2. I've worked in Sadie's Journal and it is very pretty. Not to criticize your photography, but, the pics do not do your journal justice.

  3. I must agree- Sadie you need to take the pics, not your cat!! ;)
    Seriously, you've done a fantastic job getting them on here, maybe we can tweak your pics to show how lovely your pages really are!xxx


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