Saturday, 17 December 2011

Artist: Louise Kirby

Hi, I am Louise and I am a single homeschooling mum to 2 beautiful boys on the NSW north coast of Australia. I am passionate about art, making art, sharing art, teaching art and appreciating art. I have been making art all of my life, but only discovered the joys of trading art between artists from all works of life, all around the world in the last couple of years. I love collaborating on a group work and the idea of a round robin art journal is a beautiful one to me. I look forward to sharing this journey.

My theme for this journal round robin is “Totem Animals” I am a fairly spiritual woman and love to explore all kinds of spiritual beliefs from around the world, so as my little journal travels around our beautiful Mother Earth, I am hoping it will gather some wisdom to bring back to me, showcased amongst my 16 fellow artists contributions to my art journal.



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